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Creating Global Connections

Video - Creating Global Connections

In May 2019, we held our annual Activate event in Phoenix, Arizona. Activate is in an intensive 4-day targeted leadership program designed for our leaders and up-and-comers to connect and share best practices. This year’s theme was Creating Connections – providing opportunities for staff from around the globe to collaborate and learn from their peers. Attendees learned strategies to grow or strengthen their software businesses while activating skills both personally and professionally.

This year, the programming covered 3 areas of creating connections:

Personal Growth and Development
We partnered with VitalSmarts who develops world-class leadership training. Attendees participated in two programs; Influencer and Crucial Conversations. The programming taught our staff new skills on motivating others, improving performance, and transforming company culture, leading to new levels of business performance.

Functional Focused Breakouts
Attendees participated in small group-based discussions with key individuals from Volaris moderating to share best practices and increase cross-collaboration. There were 24 different workshop topics that provided an interactive forum for attendees to gain skills to be leaders in their industries. Some workshops featured topics around Effective Pricing Strategies, Maximizing Marketing Spend, and Improving Forecasting Accuracy.

Activate Competition
Each year our businesses participate in a hands-on team competition that kicks-off 3 months prior to Activate. This year’s competition demonstrated each team’s ability to understand, communicate, and adjust key strategic thrusts for their business. The competition involved collaborating with other businesses to discover expertise to help improve their business. Onsite, teams presented their solutions to attendees and an expert judging panel.

Since Activate the sharing and collaboration has continued. We look forward to creating more connection next year.

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