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Who we are

About Us

Looking for an acquirer that will value your independence, understand your commitment to your customers and employees, and invest long-term in your business? Volaris Financial Services Portfolio offers all this and more.


In the Volaris Financial Services Portfolio, our focus is on strengthening and growing financial services software businesses. With nearly 20 years' experience in the industry, we have a proven track record of helping financial services software businesses achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Our strong balance sheet enables us to fund growth initiatives and product developments at our companies. We also provide our businesses with expertise to help them achieve organic and acquired growth objectives.

Buy and Hold – Forever

When we buy a business, we hold on to it - forever. Because we never sell the companies we buy, we make it our top priority to help our portfolio businesses achieve long-term growth.


We respect that our leaders understand the needs of their customers and employees and provide sellers the opportunity to continue leading their companies with autonomy Though our decentralized business model, local leaders have the ability to make many of their own business and HR decisions. . .

Talent Development

Our commitment to talent development means that we provide our business leaders with the resources to develop their talent and grow their team. We are proud to say that nearly ¾ of Volaris’ company leaders were either in place at the time of acquisition or were promoted from within.

Personal & Professional Goals

If your wish is to stay with the business, we will collaborate with you to help you realize both your personal and professional goals. Former Owners have the ability to  take on greater responsibilities and roles across our portfolio and the broader organization.

Best Practices

As a member of our portfolio, you gain access to resources and best practices from across Volaris. We facilitate the sharing of best practices by hosting functional summits, strategy meetings, and annual leadership academies. In addition, by joining Volaris you will become part of our parent company, Constellation Software Inc., and gain access to its vast portfolio of over 400 businesses worldwide.

Our Team


Michael Dufton
Portfolio Leader & President, Financial Services

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Ateet Patel
Portfolio CFO

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Jonathan Denbok
Portfolio CMO

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Rahul Nirula
Portfolio CPO

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Sumeet Rahal
Associate Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

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Patrick Egan
Associate Director, Portfolio Business Development

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Tianzhi Li
Portfolio Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

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