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Your Role - Owner/Operator


Volaris is a safe and permanent home for your financial services software company that allows you to strengthen the business while putting customers and employees first.

Grow Your Business

Financial Services software businesses may struggle with limited resources and access to the capital necessary to grow. Volaris understands these challenges. Our model and approach provides you with the resources, expertise, and financial support to grow, while maintaining autonomy and independence.

Ensure Continuity

You’ve built a business around your customers, your brand and your solutions, and we want to see that continue. Instead of buying businesses only to sell them later on, we strengthen and grow financial services software companies for the long term. We strongly believe there is a better return on investment in making great companies even better. We are committed to making the integration process as smooth as possible so that your business can run as usual post-acquisition.

Offer Employees a Bright Future

Your people are your greatest asset. Provide them with the opportunity to further develop their talent, expose them to new opportunities and learn from other like-minded vertical market software professionals. Volaris works with you to build multi-layer succession and talent plans, ensuring the right talent is in place to support long- term sustainable success.

Achieve Your Own Professional Goals

If your desire is to remain with the business, we will work collaboratively with you to realize your personal and professional goals. Over time, many of our leaders have taken on larger responsibilities and roles across the organization. In some cases, these leaders are not just managing one business, but now overseeing several.